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"Practice Hospitality" was the biblical focus and mandate at the Widening the Welcome 2012: Inclusion for All conference hosted by UCC Mental Illness Network and UCC Disabilities Ministries. This annual conference seeks to build up our churches to be welcoming and inclusive communities that include people who have been touched by or experienced mental illness, brain disorder or disability—apparent or unapparent. National statistics indicate at least 1 out of 4 families are in some way affected by these experiences. Widening the Welcome

It was a great conference, and here are just a few of the many ideas, resources and best practices I heard:

• Sunday Companions program at Plymouth UCC in Seattle offers hospitality to those in special need who come on Sunday mornings in search of sanctuary or connection with others. The Rev. Craig Rennebohm from Plymouth spoke on "Practicing Inclusion: Four Practices of Hospitality, Neighboring, Side-by-Side Relationships and Listening." 

• Say "Please rise in body or spirit!" instead of "All who are able please stand." Bill Gaventa, Director of Community and Congregational Supports at the Elizabeth M. Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities at UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, suggested this in his address on "Improving Practice and Preaching through Inclusion."

• Put on your webpage what folks can expect from your facility.  How accessible is your church?  What would be easy to accomplish?  What might be difficult? Scott Lissner, in his workshop on Universal Design encouraged churches to include on their websites pictures or statements about access and whom to contact about access on their websites.

• Churches must not only be welcoming but must also speak out for the rights of all in health care systems, helping persons get access to benefits and learn strategies to do so, according to Jason Hays, in his presentation on “Beyond Disabilities, Diagnoses and Disorders: Prophetic Resistance to the Language of Normalcy."

You can order audio tapes of the many excellent presentations, workshops and messages from this year’s conference. And, check out these good books available from UCC Resources:Amazing Gifts  (A94217)

Amazing Gifts:  Stories of Faith, Disability and Inclusion
Dancing with Disabilities:  Opening the World to All God's Children
Marvelously Made:  Gratefulness and the Body

Practice hospitality and join the movement for inclusion of all!
Dave Schoen
Dave Schoen

Congregational Vitality and Discipleship Team Leader

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